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EUREKA and EUREKA Express and, our subscription based websites, contain assessments and data for students and adults needing career guidance.

Occupations & filteryesyes
Brief Career Videosyesyes
Latest Wage Informationyesyes
Brief Occupations in English & Spanishyesyes
Majors/Programs of Study & Schools offering themyesyes
Short-Term Training & filteryesyes
Colleges/Universities & filteryesyes
Optional: Scholarships & filteryesyes
Career Pathways with CEsyes
Education Themes with CEsyes
True Color & Holland code for each Occupationyes
Job Search Guideyes
Financial Aid Guideyes
Military Occupationsyes
7th grade reading levelyes
12th grade reading levelyes
Search titles & content in all the datayesyes
Automatically saved assessments & worksheetsyesyes
Save favorite Careers, Majors, Schools, etc.yesyes
What Are My Values?yesyes
Learning Styles assessmentyesyes
True Colors assessmentyes
Inner Heroes assessmentyes
3 combined assessment resultsyes
World of Work & Meyes
Looking At Me (alternative to True Colors)yes
Most features toggle to Spanishyes
Administrative/Teacher/Counselor FeaturesEUREKAEUREKA
View list of subscribed usersyesyes
View users' sign-up & last login datesyesyes
View users' saved Careers, Majors, Schools, etcyesyes
View users' assessment resultsyesyes
Assign users to teachers/counselorsyesyes
Sort users by teachers/counselors & gradeyesyes
Cummulative summary of site users' favoritesyesyes
Cummulative summary of site users' resultsyesyes
Inactivate/delete user accountsyesyes
View count of users' loginsyesyes
View users' total login timesyesyes
Free training webinars, free technical supportyesyes
Invite users & fellow staff to join websiteyes

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