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Master Update CD

This is the Menu screen for the Master Update CD.

Install EUREKA - Launch the EUREKA installer. (CD-drive:\InstallE\setup.exe)

Install ECOCIS - Launch the ECOCIS installer. (CD-drive:\InstallC\setup.exe)

View Readme File - Information about installing EUREKA/ECOCIS, features and known issues.

Explore this CD - Use My Computer to see the contents of the CD.

Install JAWS scripts - Install scripts for JAWS 7 for running of EUREKA/ECOCIS


How do I install EUREKA/ECOCIS?

  1. Disable any disk protection or anti-virus software so all files will copy.
  2. Insert the CD and wait for the Menu to display.
  3. If the menu does not appear:
    1. Click on the CD drive in Windows Explorer.
    2. Double-click on autorun.exe
  4. Click Install EUREKA or Install ECOCIS.
  1. Install to the default path or change to another folder or drive, then click Continue. Note: EUREKA/ECOCIS runs best when there are no spaces in the path.
  2. If there is not enough disk space, you will get an error message and the installer will quit. Remove some files and reinstall
Network Installations See the ReadMe file located on the CD for more information.

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