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General Subscription Information - General Public

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General Subscription Information - Schools, Agencies etc..

EUREKA is a consortium of users. There are no restrictions for subscribing, schools, colleges, agencies or private business entities are welcome to become subscribers. To become a subscriber and consortium member, a site agrees to pay an annual subscription fee referred to as a Site License Agreement. Fees are determined by the number of people you wish to serve, not the number of computers you wish to use.

Schools wishing to subscribe to EUREKA base their fees on the school's enrollment (ADA), this allows the school to serve twice as many users at the same rate. Colleges and universities have the option to determine fees based on the number of users in a given department or career center. To determine your site's annual fee, contact EUREKA.

The State of California requires that taxes be added at your county's rate. There are no additional fees for products and services provided to EUREKA consortium members.

Members have agreed that fees will be based on the number of users at each institution. Each license agreement lists the location where the software will be used and the number of users eligible. Because much of the data in EUREKA is perishable information, EUREKA's fees are annual. The website, databases and all products within are leased to users for as long as they are annual subscribers. License agreements may begin during any month, and all fees are due and payable within 30 days after beginning service.

When to Subscribe

You may choose to begin the subscription whenever it is convenient for your site. Service will begin on the date you select. EUREKA will start your subscription with the most current version of software. That software will be updated at two intervals during the subscription year, to ensure that your site will always have the most current version of EUREKA available. Your anniversary renewal date will occur one year from your selected starting date.

Individual Site License

Schools or agencies may install EUREKA at one site, with multiple installations at one location for no additional cost, as long as the number of users does not exceed the site subscription level. EUREKA sends the software (CD) to the site coordinator who oversees the system. EUREKA provides free technical assistance to the site coordinator for any EUREKA software problems or implementation issues. Training on the system and continuing service is provided by the local EUREKA Regional Director.

Multiple Site License

A contracting organization may lease EUREKA for more than one site and agree to one contract under a single invoice with the same anniversary date. A school district for example, may choose to subscribe to three schools on one purchase order. The contracting organization receives a group discount. The contracting organization also coordinates group training and updating.

A group is two or more schools, agencies, or departments on a campus who are covered by the same license agreement. After the first site, the contracting organization will receive a discount for each additional site on the same license agreement.

Multi-year Contracts

Sites can receive a significant percentage discount for a three year or longer contract. Multi-year contracts can be negotiated upon request.

Contact EUREKA

Call us at 1.888.463.2247 for information on pricing; to arrange an on-site software demonstration; or to learn how to set up a EUREKA contract. OR e-mail user services.

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