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I'd like to purchase EUREKA for my family, can I do that?
At you can purchase a one year website subscription for one person or several. Go to
We're convinced. The EUREKA Career Information System precisely addresses all our career information needs and concerns. How do we initiate a contract?
A purchase order from your agency will begin the process. After receiving your order, EUREKA initiates a site license contract for your approval. EUREKA's User Services staff is ready to discuss any licensing agreement questions that you may have. Leonor can assist you with determining the subscription level that would best meet your site requirements.
Does this yearly fee include all costs for an entire year, or do we need to plan for updates or shipping fees above the basic subscription fee?
No. There are no hidden charges or surprises. State sales tax is required and the tax paid in your area will be included in the total cost of the subscription each year. All our services, including twice yearly updates are included in your yearly site license fee.
Will EUREKA accept a personal check, or a credit card, or must our request be initiated with a Purchase Order?
Yes, EUREKA will accept personal or business checks in place of a purchase order, in addition to charge cards and debit cards. Our Contract Services personnel will be able to help you through this process.
After we've submitted a request order to EUREKA, how long does it usually take to have things up and going?
Turn around time can be quite short. After EUREKA receives a purchase order, check, or credit card payment from your agency, we will send a Site License Agreement requiring your signature. When this signed contract is returned to EUREKA, the program CD (or download password) or website access information is on the way.
We are planning to purchase Careers For The Twenty First Century, video series as well as subscribing to EUREKA CIS. Can we include a product purchase with a subscription on the same Purchase Order?
Yes, There is no problem with ordering two or more products on a single purchase request. Product order codes are included in the helpful Order Form on the last page of the paper catalog or on the web.

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