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PDF's Size Definition
User Guide UserGuide.pdf 799 kb Directions for using the CD versions of EUREKA and ECOCIS.
Classroom Ideas EUREKA_Activities.pdf 165 Kb Classroom activities with worksheets for Middle School, High School, College, and Adult users
True_Colors_Activities.pdf 286 Kb Overview of True Colors, curriculum, and student worksheets
Career Guidance Plans MidSch.pdf 88 Kb Plans for Middle School Students
HS.pdf 86 Kb Plans for High School Students
College.pdf 81 Kb Plans for College Students
Adult.pdf 82 Kb Plans for Adults and Workforce Agencies
Special.pdf 85 Kb Plans for Special Populations
EUREKA Data Clusters.pdf 15 Kb EUREKA Occupation Clusters Definitions
OccupationList_2010.pdf 67 Kb EUREKA Occupations List
Occ_less_than_bach.pdf 47 Kb Occupations Requiring Less than a Bachelor's Degree. 2009


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